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“Serge Hollerbach: A Russian Painter in New York” is the third in a series of video profiles produced by the Vision and Art Project and the the American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF) that explore the lives and studio practices of visual artists who continue to work in spite of vision loss due to macular degeneration.

We are heartened that our most recent film has received positive receptions in film festivals across the United States and abroad. Accolades have included an Honorable Mention from the UK Short Film Festival and official selection by the RUSDOC Festival in New York City, the Film Collective Short Film Festival (Philadelphia, PA), and The Champion Film Salon International Film Festival (Frisco, Texas).

You can see the trailer below:
Trailer for the AMDF / Vision and Art Project’s short film “Serge Hollerbach: A Russian Painter in New York”

As with any art form, the craft of filmmaking is vast and involves the collaborative efforts of many diverse and talented contributors, from professional sound and camera crews, to directors, animators, editors, writers, and researchers. We’re grateful to everyone involved who helped bring Serge’s story to life, but want to give particular shout-outs to Bill Lattanzi, who worked with us in his capacity as an editor, writer and contributing director (this film could not have been completed without him); Stephen Harmon, who kindly allowed us to use his photographs of the Upper West Side of Manhattan (the Upper West Side was Serge’s home and one of his central subjects); and the American Macular Degeneration Foundation for its ongoing support of the Vision & Art Project and investment in bringing the careers of artists with vision loss to life through film.

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