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Andrea Torrice at Women of Abstract Expressionist Show
“My vision loss is integral to who I am and the way I put a film story together. I think in a big-picture way as opposed to in hyper-focus. As a result, I have a kind of instinctive orientation toward the bigger, interconnected whole.”
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In this oral history, which was conducted on March 14, 2018, filmmaker Andrea Torrice discusses:

  • Growing up in an artistic family in the 1960s.
  • How devastated she was, and how her early career as a filmmaker got derailed, when she was diagnosed with early-onset macular degeneration (Stargardt disease) in her early twenties.
  • How the support she got from organizations like Lighthouse for the Blind helped her to adapt to vision loss and eventually begin making films again.
  • Why for many years she tried to pass as fully sighted.
  • The various films she has made, including documentaries about the struggle for school integration in Ohio, the contribution women artists made to Abstract Expressionism, and the impact of global warming on Pacific Islanders.
  • The strategies and technologies she uses to make films as a low-vision filmmaker.

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