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Robert Andrew Parker inspecting an etching plate
Robert Andrew Parker in his studio inspecting an etching plate (2015).

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Robert Andrew Parker, the subject of the first feature we ever published online at the Vision & Art Project, and our second film, “A Is For Artist,” which we’re posting here in honor of Bob. The film, which was shot almost 10 years ago, includes footage of Bob painting in his studio; he was then in his mid eighties. It is scored by his son, the jazz drummer, Chris Parker.


Ken Lovelett 9:51 pm | 09.27.18

R.A.P., one of my heroes.

Patty Mullins 10:25 pm | 12.30.23

Thank you for this. What a joy to see him alive and well and in his element.

Shantal Riley 11:01 pm | 12.31.23

Thank you for sharing this. We’re so proud of him.

Andrew Parker 11:06 pm | 01.06.24

So sad to hear about Uncle Bob’s passing. He was so talented, so interesting, and no one was more fun to be around as a young child. Cherished memories of BB gun wars, seeing Uncle Bob and my dad (Bob’s brother Bill Parker) dress up in vintage military uniforms and strut around, such a wonderful person, and it rubbed off on the entire family. Every son is artistically bent and bestowed with gifts of artistic and musical talent. RIP Uncle Bob. God Bless you and your entire family: Chris, Tony, Eric, Jeff, Nicholas and extended loved ones . Andy Parker

Joseph Durante 10:33 pm | 01.12.24

I’ve always been an admiral of Robert Parker, as a Illustrator and Painter. I’m very fortunate to have purchase a water color RECLINING NUDE, FROM TERRY DINTFASS GALLERY in New York. He will be missed. jdurante

Oscar Solis 10:52 pm | 01.14.24

I don’t know when I first saw his work but it took a while for me to realize that here was a master artist who happened to also be a master illustrator. I learned and continue to learn so much by studying his work. RIP

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