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Muted floral painting with white and orange flowers in a blue and white striped mug
Jenny Oldknow, "Roses in a Cornishware Mug (detail)" (2020)

One of the unique experiences that defines our work at the Vision and Art Project is the opportunity it affords to keep in touch with the increasing number of diverse and interesting visual artists that we have profiled over the years. The richly prolific British artist Jenny Oldknow is one such artist.

We first met Jenny back in 2016 as she was in the process of dramatically evolving her working methods and painting style to accommodate vision loss due to Stargardt’s disease, an early onset form of macular degeneration. Out of necessity, she had abandoned the carefully observed drawings and paintings that had been the hallmark of her work prior to vision loss and had begun to explore larger canvases covered with expressive and abstract compositions of color, marks, and shapes.

When we reached out to Jenny again not long ago, we discovered that she had continued to evolve as an artist and had begun to bring together her long-standing love for carefully seen details described with newly wrought, bold abstractions of color, shapes, and marks; she had, in a sense, begun to combine her pre-macular work with her post-macular work, bringing together these two sensibilities, guided by her keen sense for delicately placed brushstrokes and her reverence for the details and nuances of the world around her.

Jenny’s work can be found at:

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