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The Persistence of Vision: Early and Late Works by Artists with Macular Degeneration, is currently on view at the University of Cincinnati

The Persistence of Vision: Early and Late Works by Artists with Macular Degeneration, an exhibition that explores the inventive and personal ways artists respond to the challenge of working with the loss of sight, will be on view at The DAAP Galleries: Philip M. Meyers, Jr. Memorial Gallery at the University of Cincinnati from June 8 to July 29 2018.

The exhibition is curated by A’Dora Phillips and Brian Schumacher, from the Vision and Art Project, and Aaron Cowan, Director, DAAP Galleries, and is supported by The American Macular Degeneration Foundation. There will be an opening reception on Friday June 15 from 6-8 pm.

The Persistence of Vision brings together 50 works by eight artists affected by macular degeneration. Artists included in the exhibition are: Lennart Anderson (1927–2015), Serge Hollerbach (1923), Dahlov Ipcar (1917–2017), David Levine (1926–2009), Robert Andrew Parker (1927), Thomas Sgouros (1927–2012), Hedda Sterne (1910–2011), and William Thon (1906–2000).

By juxtaposing art produced both before and after the onset of symptoms, this exhibition is an extension of The Vision & Art Project’s overall mission. It demonstrates how deteriorating sight can inspire new and unique images. These artists honed their other faculties, drawing from remembered gestures, memories and their imaginations. Through adapting their practices, they forged new insights into familiar subjects, and discovered a clarity of inner-vision.

Our film about Robert Andrew Parker is forthcoming soon

In collaboration with Cathleen O’Connell of Desert Penguin Pictures, The Vision & Art Project has made a short film about Robert Andrew Parker. Along with making it available to view on our website, we’ll be hosting an in-person screening at the Cornwall Library (details forthcoming).

To correspond with the release of the film, Rachel Walls has organized a major exhibition of Parker’s work at her gallery, Rachel Walls Fine Art (Cape Elizabeth, Maine), on view now through the end of the summer.


Ann Stautberg 1:39 pm | 06.19.18

You should look at the work of Heidi Strunck, Irving, Texas
Also look at the maclear degeneration series by Frank X. Tolbert2, Houston, Texas

    Brian 2:32 pm | 06.20.18

    We will!

Thomas Simpson 5:26 am | 06.20.18

What a fantastic idea for an exhibition. The images in the NYTimes article are very beautiful. Thank you for this! bravissimi!

    Brian 2:25 pm | 06.20.18

    Thank you so much. The work in the exhibition is truly breathtaking, and we’re glad the NYT article showed that.

Vicci Jaffe 1:45 pm | 06.20.18

I read with interest the article in the NYT today about this exhibit at the university of Cincinnati. I felt it odd that the exhibit did not include the Cincinnati based artist, Paul Chidlaw. He was a brilliant abstract artist who suffered from macular degeneration later in life as well. His way of addressing his failing vision was to create beautiful blacks an white charcoal sketches – a stark contrast to his explosive earlier works, but no less exquisite.

    Brian 2:31 pm | 06.20.18

    Dear Vicci,
    Thanks for your comments.
    We learned of Paul Chidlaw’s macular degeneration only this past year, and this exhibition has been in the works for over two years.
    Both his early and late works are profound, and we’re looking forward to profiling him this year and hopefully including his work in our next exhibition.

sandy styer 1:00 am | 06.21.18

Can you give us a link to the university museum for details on visiting and the length of the show? thanks.

    Brian 2:19 am | 06.21.18

    Dear Sandy,
    Thanks for your inquiry.
    Here is a link to the UC Meyer’s Gallery website:
    If you use Facebook, more information can be found at the UC DAAP Galleries page.
    Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions:

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