"The unimpaired human eye provides the brain with such a surfeit of visual information that only a certain amount consciously registers at any moment… Each eye sends the brain a billion messages per second. Together the two eyes transmit twice as much information to the brain as the rest of the body combined."

Georgina Kleege

"Everything I know about the retina tells me it’s a wonder anyone can expect to have an undamaged one for a lifetime."

Georgina Kleege

"My blindness makes me see impressionistically… There are no sharp outlines… Degas had AMD late in life… But was there something prescient in all those soft-focus impressions of ballet dancers? Do those paintings reveal an earlier onset of the condition than even the artist realized?"

Georgina Kleege

"The theme of the drawings of the blind is, before all else, the hand."

Jacques Derrida

"Two common pathological degradations of vision related to aging are cataract and age-related macular degeneration. Cataract has been curable by operation for centuries, while age-related macular degeneration remains essentially incurable."

Philippe Lanthony