"Everything is beautiful in this world of people. But one Paris laundry girl, with bare arms, is worth it all for such a pronounced Parisian as I am. The right way is to collect oneself, and one can only collect oneself by seeing little. (Letter to James-Jacques-Joseph Tissot, 19 Nov 1872)."

Edgar Degas

"The principles of vision are universal and the problems faced by artists with eye diseases are relevant to anyone interested in art. Understanding vision not only makes the visual aspects of art more comprehensible, but makes it easier to look beyond the purely visual into other realms of art."

Michael Marmor

"Beneath our visual selves, beneath even the old Adam, lies buried that mammalian and pre-mammalian self, which feels and smells and intuitively or instinctively apprehends. When the dominating eyes are blunted, these ‘older’ senses again become the masters, and to that extent a new persona is born."

Patrick Trevor-Roper

"One sees not only with one’s eyes but also with one’s imagination."

Henry Grunwald

"Most of us, most of the time, use our eyes superficially, without seeing everything there is. Looking is not seeing."

Henry Grunwald