"You know very well that I am not able anymore to read nor to write. I lost the center of my eyesight. I don't see what I look at. I'm not blind because I see around everything... So I discovered suddenly a new beauty of life. When I was seeing, I read too much... Now I have endless records. I spend all my money on records, I listen..."

Arthur Rubenstein on the occasion of his 90th birthday

"I can still see what I want to paint. The thing that makes you want to create is still there."

Georgia O'Keeffe

"There is a sort of landscape larger than the visible, which escapes the eye; it is present to that topographical sense by which we always live in the consciousness that there is a sea, that there are mountains, that the sky is above us, even when we do not see it."

George Santayana

"Ironically, as things visual are in doubt, they grow in unconventional beauty."

Stephen Kuusisto

"The brain did not evolve to see the world the way it is... it evolved to see the way it was useful to see (it)."

Beau Lotto