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October 03, 2017

Several artists we have highlighted have current or upcoming exhibitions and have received laudatory notice in the news, including Lennart Anderson, Dahlov Ipcar, Robert Andrew Parker, and George Wardlaw. 

Lennart Anderson
Exhibition of Early and Late Paintings
October 25 - November 18, 2017
Leigh Morse Fine Arts
New York, NY
On view will be Anderson's last painting from 2015, “Three Nymphs on a Bluff,” on more
June 20, 2017

There are of course many ways to behold any work of art, a fact that is certainly true of the esteemed artist Doris Salcedo's work, which has been widely exhibited and analyzed by art historians, cultural anthropologists, and curators around the globe. While the rich and varied dimensions of her work invite critique and dialogue on many levels, here we take a moment to appreciate her sensibility for composition and form, a place where the details and nuances of craftsmanship in her work are inseparable from its emotional impact and historical significance. more
May 16, 2017

In the summer of 2015, with the help of the talented cinematographer Bill Turnley, we spent several days with Robert Andrew Parker interviewing him in his studio and filming him working on several of his paintings. This summer we will be releasing a short film about Parker which contains rare footage from that unique studio visit. 

One of the paintings he was working on was a watercolor inspired by the poem "Concerning the Drowned Girl" by the German poet more
January 27, 2017

"Of course some people say, oh Serge, for an artist to be blind, its such a tragedy… I don’t consider it a great tragedy. I’ve lived a long life, I’m happy to be here and to be alive." 

Serge Hollerbach, multi-lingual painter and long time resident of New York City, continues to paint in spite of severe vision loss. Regarding what guides his recent work, Mr. Hollerbach says: "it’s not a physical seeing, it’s the inner seeing... it is actually trying to make sense of more
December 20, 2016

Since beginning to post articles on The Vision and Art website a little over two years ago, we’ve had the opportunity to write about a number of remarkable artists, including most recently Jen Oldknow. Her inner landscapes, created in the tradition of the abstract expressionists, draw on texture, color, tone, and evocative mark-making to depict her inner world of memory and feeling through the medium of paint. In our interview with her, Jen speaks about the kind of fears and desires that many of us encounter in various ways in our own lives and also of how inspiring the work of the more