Something Intangible, Something Shared

This past year, the work of British artist Jen Oldknow underwent a profound shift from representational to abstract, from ink and watercolor to oil and collage, from depicting the outer world to evoking the inner. While macular...

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"There Is Such a Thing as Instinct in a Painter"

The drawings above are excerpted from the sketchbook that Serge Hollerbach kept between 1998- 2001, the period of time in which his vision began to significantly deteriorate due to macular degeneration. Click on the imagesfor a full screen...

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A Life of Talent, Lucky Breaks, Music, & Play

The American Artist Robert Andrew Parker turned 90 this week. He feels like he is 180 or 190 years old, he says. But he seems miraculously ageless when he talks, paints, or riffs on drums. Parker is a painter and printmaker who still goes to his studio every...

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"Art Inhabits the Terrain of the Paradoxical"

The Bogotá-based artist Doris Salcedo, who has macular degeneration, has been making sculptures and public installations in response to political violence since the early 1990s. Until recently, her work primarily concerned the more than 90,000 Colombians who...

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"Density and Transparency" at the Brattleboro Museum

Wolf Kahn, now entering his ninth decade, is an artist whose paintings have long garnered serious critical attention and an audience of admiring viewers.