a studio visit

In July of this year, as part of the Century Masters exhibition series, The Century Association in New York displayed a rich assortment of works by the esteemed artist and illustrator Robert Andrew Parker. Now 87 years old, Parker’s unique talent was recognized early in his career by poet...

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at work in his studio

Fifty years have passed since Lennart Anderson installed a skylight on the third floor of his then newly acquired Park Slope brownstone to let in the steady north light so sought after by centuries of artists. Now a gracious and youthful eight-six, he still works regularly in that studio, though...

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Rendering the Essence

My work represents me… and I am the present. I am a sensitized creature viewing the world and this is my statement on it. --David Levine, Time, November 15, 1968

The Prismatic Dimension

On the occasion of Samsøn Projects of Boston honoring the work of Dahlov Ipcar and that of her parents, Marguerite and William Zorach, we talked with the artist about her career, her recent loss of sight, and her attempts to adapt painting practices.

Lennart Anderson (1928-2015)

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Lennart Anderson, a perceptual painter, a painter of the figure, a painter of still life and of landscape in the spirit of Edgar Degas and Edwin Dickinson and others that he admired, a painter whose manner and style of painting did not preclude the desire...

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