From a Lifetime of Reading

The extraordinary artist Hedda Sterne, who passed away in 2011 at the age of 100, was a passionate reader. She called her beloved books “sustenance,” “crutches,” “mentors.” She read, as she put it, for “confirmation.” As the year winds down with its best lists...

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Remembering the Artist on the First Anniversary of Her Passing

Dahlov Ipcar passed away last February at the age of 99. For eight decades, she lived at the end of a dirt road in the town of Robinhood on Maine’s Georgetown Peninsula. When, in 2015, I arrived to interview her in her neatly kept white farmhouse, it was as if...

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Sight and the Visually Impaired Painter

Google “macular degeneration” and images come up whose points of focus are obscured by fuzzy gray and black blobs. In fact, no two people with macular degeneration see the same way.

Lessons in creativity from the eight artists in our "Persistence of Vision" exhibition

Though there are overlaps in their strategies and working methods, the eight artists featured in our exhibition, The Persistence of Vision—all of whom were born within about 20 years of one another—represent eight different ways one generation of artists continued to see and to create...

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A Short Film about Robert Andrew Parker

The American artist and illustrator Robert Andrew Parker, who has been working with macular degeneration for the past decade, reflects upon his distinguished career, shares insights about how vision loss has affected his work, and talks about what has inspired him over the years.