2017 and beyond

December 20, 2016

Since beginning to post articles on The Vision and Art website a little over two years ago, we’ve had the opportunity to write about a number of remarkable artists, including most recently Jen Oldknow. Her inner landscapes, created in the tradition of the abstract expressionists, draw on texture, color, tone, and evocative mark-making to depict her inner world of memory and feeling through the medium of paint. In our interview with her, Jen speaks about the kind of fears and desires that many of us encounter in various ways in our own lives and also of how inspiring the work of the partially sighted artists Joanna Brendon and Sargy Mann has been to her. Her extraordinary art is as much an inspiration to us.

As the year comes to a close and we reflect upon the generosity and talent of the artists we are so privileged to know, we look forward to sharing exciting new projects. Along with continuing to profile artists on this site (look out for upcoming articles on Serge Hollerbach and Hedda Sterne), we are also collaborating with filmmaker Cathleen O’Connell of Desert Penguin Films on a short film about Robert Andrew Parker. Additionally, we are in the middle of planning an exhibit of the work of artists with macular degeneration for the summer of 2018 at the University of Cincinnati’s Philip M. Meyers, Jr. Memorial Gallery. This show will bring together the work of at least a dozen exceptional artists to reveal how low-sightedness is for many artists one more step among many in the evolution of their work.

It is our hope that through these many projects, we will continue to assist artists with macular degeneration by bringing attention to their remarkable work. And that we’ll inspire and educate our readers about art, vision, and the incredible human capacity for resilience and adaptability.

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